The Book

No one likes talking about death, taxes, and financial planning. You probably don’t want to consider how much you’d have to pay your spouse if you divorced, which assets your children would receive if you died tomorrow, or who should be in charge of divvying up your family heirlooms when your beloved parents pass away. These are, admittedly, unpleasant scenarios to ponder. However, if you fail to prepare yourself for them legally and financially, they’ll only become even bigger nightmares if and when they do occur.

Accomplished attorney and estate planning guru Naz Barouti has spent her career empowering women (and men) with the knowledge they need to protect their estates, their families, and themselves. She helps her clients confront and resolve unfortunate, “never thought it would happen to me” situations on a daily basis. While she works with a wide array of clients, Naz prioritizes guiding and assisting women because they are so often woefully uninformed about estate planning and therefore easily fall victim to its complexities. In her work, she’s seen far too many smart, capable, well-educated women completely blindsided when unexpected curveballs complicate their personal and financial lives.

Do you know how you’d pay your bills if your partner divorced you? Who would take care of your children if you suddenly perished? What legal recourse would you have if someone tried to manipulate your aging parent’s estate plan? Chances are, you don’t have answers to these questions, but you should - and now you can.

Love, Death, and Money is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to help you get your legal affairs in order so you’re ready for anything life throws your way. In it, you’ll learn all the essential elements of an ironclad estate plan. Naz’s calm, collected, confident voice will teach you the basics of wills and trusts, as well as how to prepare an advanced health care directive. She’ll also explain how to establish a prenup, legal guardianship, and durable power of attorney. With this fundamental data at hand, you’ll be ready to handle any of life’s hurdles.

Whether you’re entering into a relationship or exiting one - a young single woman just starting out or a mother concerned for her children’s well-being - now you can face the future powerfully and fully prepared. All you need to do is read Love, Death, and Money.