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About Naz

Find out why author Naz Barouti is the perfect person to guide you through the complex intersection of love, death, and money in her new book.

For advice about something as complicated and emotional as the intersection of love, death, and money, you need a true expert. Naz Barouti is the perfect person to guide you through these topics. As a lawyer, author, entrepreneur, media commentator, and public speaker, Naz is known to many as a strong, calm, confident voice of reason. In 2011, she established her very own Barouti Law Corporation, which now boasts five offices in Southern California. In less than a decade, she’s become known throughout the area (and even around the globe) as an estate planning “guru.”

Throughout her career, Naz has focused on advocating for women. Her professional and personal experiences have taught her that women often aren’t fairly represented, properly respected, or fully educated when it comes to estate planning. Instead, the complex interplay between their romantic lives, financial decisions, and family dynamics gets the better of them, leaving them without legal recourse when they most need it. That’s why Naz has committed herself to ensuring that women understand and take charge of their estates.

In addition to helping her legal clients navigate through sometimes difficult circumstances, Naz regularly shares her wealth of knowledge and advice with a wide range of listeners and viewers. She has been featured on Fox News Radio, Bloomberg TV, and other news outlets, where she provides legal commentary on matters of death, divorce, and criminal prosecution for high-profile figures. She also co-hosted the weekly radio program Protecting Your Family with Kerri Kasem and is a board member for the Kasem Cares Foundation, which works to stop elder abuse and protect basic human rights for all. Naz’s accomplishments, guidance, and commentary have also been written about in USA Today.

Now, Naz has written her very own tome on the topics she is so passionate about. Love, Death, and Money allows you to learn the basic legal lessons you need so you’re equipped to effectively manage your family’s future - through marriages and divorces, births and deaths, debt and prosperity. This book gives you the rare opportunity to consider and control your life and finances in ways you never realized were possible. Naz’s adept, caring, assertive, no-nonsense voice will carry you through each chapter with ease.