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No one wants to face the harsh realities of divorce, taxes, inheritance, and financial planning, but if you remain ignorant on these topics, you’ll be completely blindsided when life throws you a curveball. Attorney Naz Barouti wrote Love, Death, and Money as a practical, easy-to-read, no-nonsense guide to equip women (and men) with the knowledge they need to take charge of their estates, lives, and futures.

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The Author, Naz

For advice about something as complicated and emotional as the intersection of love, death, and money, you need a true expert. Naz Barouti is the perfect person to guide you through these topics. As a lawyer, author, entrepreneur, media commentator, and public speaker, Naz is known to many as a strong, calm, confident voice of reason.

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As an experienced attorney, author, entrepreneur, media commentator, public speaker, and now author, Naz Barouti is no stranger to the stage. One of her primary motivations in writing Love, Death, and Money was to connect with and help a wider audience with her astute estate planning advice. She is passionate about educating, inspiring, and empowering all who attend her events. Naz is available to speak and sign books at a wide variety of venues around the United States.

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